Stepping Up America

On Saturday, July 21st, the rain came down but the spirits and excitement were up. Stepping Up America cadets exhibited their skills and knowledge in the aerodynamics of an airplane at the Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Competition. Cadets are generally ages 9-14, but this summer an eight year old took the audience by surprise. This cadet was able to explain the basic principles of flight then was encouraged to continue her studies. Dr. Jessica Freeman, a graduate from Hampton University, talked about her love for physics. Dr. Freeman was proof that with commitment to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), your passion can become your career. NASA, one of the largest employers of STEM, provided various activities as the judges deliberated to present the winners. First place winner was Cameron Mays who received a cash prize of one hundred dollars donated by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) and the second place winner was Tyrese Henderson. There were over 70 visitors who witnessed the summer youth RPA Competition. The tiered levels of commitment and enthusiasm were evident, even on this rainy day.

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