Warrior Workshop

On February 18, 2012, Family Restoration Services (FRS), co-sponsored an all-day workshop, “The Family as Warriors, Heroes, and Collaborators,” hosted in Hampton University’s Student Union Ballroom. Participants were provided with a wealth of information including parent and child rights in education, strategies for facilitating positive and productive relationships with teachers and school administrators and legal responsibilities of schools with regard to children with disabilities. Additionally, tactics for obtaining the most appropriate and efficient IEP/504 plan possible from local legal and educational activists and proponents were offered. Three mothers of children with disabilities, (two whose children are FRS clients and one an FRS employee), spoke as part of a panel of other such parents, detailing first-hand accounts of obstacles and encounters often faced in caring for a child with a learning, emotional, or physical disability. In addition to co-sponsoring the informative and inspiring event, along with the Hampton Family Support Access Expansion Center, William and Mary Law School PELE Clinic, Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU, Virginia Board for People with Disabilities, VA-Nebraska Alliance, FRS provided transportation to several participants. The grant funds responsible for making this event possible was able to provide each registered parent with a $65 stipend to offset expenses for childcare and transportation. FRS is honored to have abetted in the development of parents with disabled children, by imploring parental support and emphasizing to families the importance of investing in themselves this powerful information.

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