Who We Are


Family Restoration Services (FRS) provides an array of services to emotionally disabled youth requiring supportive services to stabilize in their own homes. Family Restoration seeks to restore optimal health to the body, mind, and spirit. In this respect, our mission is to offer youth and families restorative counsel to repair dysfunctional homes, build healthy familial relationships, and to curb negative behaviors and attitudes through fitness and nutritional activities, therapeutic interventions and community partnering.


FRS believes each child deserves an opportunity to be involved in something he/she enjoys, explore talents and dreams and to gain passion for life and living through achieving excellence. FRS sets a standard for participation in various activities that allows youth access to social and recreational opportunities, with same age, non- disabled peers. Youth are escorted into natural settings with a therapeutic agent who experientially teaches discipline, self control, respect for authority, positive peer relations, and life saving lessons only gained through these types of real life experiences. FRS employs highly competent and skilled individuals that believe in success and motivational concepts that encourage achievement in every relevant environment of a child's life.

Vision Statement

Family Restoration's vision is to provide a valuable and meaningful therapeutic experience to every youth and family participant that enhances self- confidence, empowers self-determination and optimizes strengths of youth and families through quality service delivery, consumer centered planning and superior customer service. To this end, Family Restoration envisions more physically fit, emotionally healthier and spiritually renewed youth and families contributing to a more enriched community, culture and worldview.