Cognition Quadrant

FRS uses multiple treatment options to support the healthy cognitive functioning of its youth and adult participants. FRS uses prescriptive play and exercise, nutritional planning, bibliotherapy, cognitive behavioral treatment techniques and substance abuse counseling to change negative thinking, improve judgment, decision making and brain functioning for all. The following services:

  • Family Support Services
  • Holistic Substance Solutions
  • Parent Support Services
  • Positive Behavior Supports and
  • Vocational Training Services

customizes this approach to stabilize youth in their own homes and communities. Youth and families are assisted to learn alternative ways to manage conflict, stress, anxiety and emotionality by learning new, rational responses and gaining positive outlooks on their future. These interventions help to restructure organic processes behind irrational thoughts and actions to develop more solution focused responses. In addition, families learn specific skills, they can use for the rest of their lives, that recognizes distorted thinking, and encourages realistic exchanges with others, resulting in immediate and long term behavioral success.